The New Newspaper/Prairie Journal of Wichita, Kansas (Staff Artist 1972-74)

The Wichita Independent (Staff Artist, 1974-75)

San Diego READER (Weekly Contributor, 1975-present)

The New York Times Book Review (Regular Contributor, 1988-92)

Copley News Service, San Diego CA (Regular Contributor, 1985-1997)

The Los Angeles Times

San Diego Union-Tribune



National Lampoon (Regular Contributor, 1979-1992)

MAD (Regular Contributor, 1996-2005)

Disney Adventures (Regular Contributor 1999-2006)

HARVEY Magazine (Monthly Contributor 1999)

Wood & Steel (Taylor Guitars) (Regular Contributor 1995-2008)

Roadstar (Newport Publications, Irvine CA) (Monthly Contributor 1997-2000)

Computoredge (San Diego CA) (Regular Contributor, 1994-2008)

SPY Magazine

Rolling Stone

The Old Farmer's Almanac

American Libraries

PULSE (Tower Records)

California Lawyer

Los Angeles Magazine

San Diego Magazine



Tacoma Little Theatre, Tacoma WA

Recorded Books, Inc.

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